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Indicium Tech’s CEO Matheus Dellagnelo Shares How Curiosity & Creativity Helped Growing Businesses: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2017, Indicium Tech is based in Brazil. Indicium is a data analysis and market intelligence organization offering products that connect the wealth of the customers' internal statistics with market data. The professionals use the most advanced statistical and programming techniques and take advantage of the vital information in the market.  Moreover, the company has multidisciplinary professionals with market experience who aim to deliver information clearly and objectively to formulate and execute the clients' approaches.

The professional team believes that data can revolutionize the way companies make their decisions. Since 2017, Indicium has helped companies of all sizes to transform their data into valuable information and possibilities.

The company's purpose is to enable business people to traverse the true potential of their data, assuring faster, smarter, and more certain decision-making. Indicium Tech has a highly qualified team and uses the most advanced technologies prevailing in the market to guarantee the services excellence.

GoodFirms team plans to introduce service seekers to the companies that are driving the sustainable revolution. So the interviewer reached out to Matheus Dellagnelo, the CEO of Indicium Tech – a company that specializes in data science, engineering, technology, and design. It empowers business people to become balanced by helping them ‘get better, perform better, and offset the rest’.

As a CEO, Matheus is responsible for ensuring high-quality services and moving forward by understanding the market, thus creating innovation and new services. "Most of the Indicium's co-founders are childhood friends, including me, Daniel, and Vitor" says Matheus. In 2016, all three friends headed to different directions and occasionally met during an Innovation Acceleration Program from UC Berkeley at Florianópolis in which they discussed starting a project together, which is promising. Thus in this way, Indicium Tech was founded.

Talking about the company's most flourishing services, Matheus states that the business model relies on the company's in-house team to provide data science and big data analytics services to the clients. Further, Matheus elaborates on the services rendered by the company of which artificial intelligence and big data BI are in great demand.

Indicium not only sells solutions but also accouches customized options and personalized services to suit the customers' purposes and needs - says Matheus. The expert team cares about the clients and strives to extract the power of their information to maximize outcomes.  As a result, Indicium produces better quality, faster deliveries, and better results.

Moreover, the expert group provides services to clients from a wide range of industries, from real state to the energy sector. Indicium Tech also has a few exclusive products for clients from real estate, logistics, manufacturing, eCommerce, and the energy industry.

Indicium Tech's team offers the most advanced data management and structuring in clients' companies. The company holds an experienced team that is able to organize and extract the data's value to leverage clients' business. The expert group manages clients' data efficiently, scalable, and securely for the clients' business. The group develops robust compositions capable of assembly and processing data in one place with which clients can make data-driven decisions in real-time and achieve extraordinary results.

The professionals with business intelligence solutions organize their data, create customized dashboards, and make data-driven decisions that enable them to achieve ROI of their respective business. Thus, transforming clients' data into smart, easy-to-understand visualizations, and the metrics needed by the clients in real-time endows Indicium Tech as one of the top Big Data Analytics companies in Brazil at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms is confirming the quality service offerings catered by the team at Indicium Tech.

Indicium Tech holds a team of expert AI engineers and data scientists to convert clients' traditional operating systems into new and intelligent operations. The organization helps business clients to build up data storing architecture, which can be used for data visualization, prediction, and decision making. At Indicium Tech, the professionals create fault tolerance and highly automated systems using AI. The company has so far has hands-on experience in different domains like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and a few others.

The team at Indicium Tech relies on different software and invests in high-end training to cater to the clients' issues. The group uses a few management software (Bitrix) to assure high quality and productivity during the development process. "We also use Google meetings regularly to communicate with the clients," quotes Matheus.

The professional team uses their skills to help clients' business leverage all of the potential AI systems have to offer. Indicium Tech helps clients transfer their ideas into tangible solutions through technical execution. It would soon facilitate Indicium Tech as one of the top Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below is the evidence of robust solutions provided by the professionals at Indicium Tech.

Having gone through the services and systems briefed by Matheus Dellagnelo, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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